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World’s Longevity Regions (Blue Zones) are also good for dogs’ health and longevity!? Ideas for a happy and long-lasting dog life!!

"There are places in the world called ‘Blue Zones’, which are famous as the five longevity regions where many people live over 100 years old.

My home is also in a corner of the Blue Zones, a small island near Okinawa, Japan. 

I do feel that there are many long-lived people here, but also many long-lived dogs… 

Our dogs ‘Pino’ and ‘Pudding’ are very healthy and full of energy(≧▽≦)!!

‘Pudding’ was originally weak and had allergies and organ diseases, but every time he recovered miraculously, surprising the vet!"

“It’s an amazing natural healing power!!”

“So, this time, I will reveal the healthy habits of my dogs who live in the world’s five longevity regions, ‘Blue Zones’(≧▽≦) I hope this will be helpful for improving the health of your precious dogs(^^♪ [First of all, as a premise, in this article, I will summarize and introduce the information and ideas that I think are very useful through my life as a dog lover. There may be some contents that are different from the past articles, but please understand that I am introducing a better way of thinking as time goes by(;ω) ]”

“I am delivering the best health information that I think at the time of writing♪”
“It’s a beautiful island rich in nature, surrounded by grasslands and coral reefs(≧▽≦)”

About the super important basic food

Cycling along the seaside with my beloved dog!  ↑

As the saying goes, ‘You are what you eat’, I think the daily dog food is the most important factor for your dog’s health and longevity. I have fed my dogs various kinds of dog food for over 40 years, but the dog food that I think is the best solution at the time of writing this article is ‘Orijen and Acana’ sold by Champion Pet Foods! When you search on the internet, you tend to see the popular foods at the top, but when you actually feed them to your dogs, they are not as high quality as the online reviews. Therefore, I have tried various dog foods so far…

・I ate the dog food as a taste test and checked if there was any abnormality in the smell, taste, and stomach condition

・I have been feeding my dog Various dog foods for a few months and carefully observed his appetite, health changes and more.

So, after testing it myself, I found that the highest quality dog food was Orijen and Acana from Champion Pet Foods. (^^♪

Highly reliable and perfectly balanced nutrition. And super delicious!!
Truly the best dog food ever!

Compared to other cheap foods, the shelf life after opening may be short, but that is also the best proof of being full of natural ingredients and preservative-free. (^^♪

Relaxing at the nearby beach with my beloved dog

Regarding the smell, cheap dog food has a delicious aroma (like synthetic flavorings used in junk food) when humans smell it, but Acana and Orijen have a truthful scent that seems like they just mixed and dried the foods that are listed in the top of the ingredients. Both Orijen and Acana are supreme dog foods, but recently I prefer Acana. The reason is that both have the best nutritional balance, but Orijen is mostly derived from meat, while Acana also contains vegetables, fruits, etc. in a good balance.

Sometimes when I let my beloved dog out in the garden, he chases after animal things like grasshoppers and lizards, but he also often eats grass and berries. From that, I thought that it would be more natural for dogs to have some plant-based ingredients in their food.

A balanced mix of plant and animal ingredients♪
Orijen is also a good dog food that I can recommend to owners who like a higher ratio of meat ingredients☆

Acana dog food has various kinds of products available.

As a conclusion, in our house, we mainly feed Acana’s “Crack Wild Coast” and rotate “Classic Red” and “Classic Prairie Poultry” to prevent boredom!

acana dog food

Acana’s classic series is a series that has nothing to complain about, with a moderate size of grains, an overwhelmingly reliable manufacturer, and a cost performance! The reason why I chose “Wild Coast” as the main product among the Acana classic series is because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids derived from natural fish (to make it closer to nature, bones and organs are also included in the whole), and it seems good for anti-aging, and it also contains vegetables, fruits, and herbs in a balanced way. (It even contains useful bacteria that improve the intestinal environment♪)

Caution: Acana’s food has a smaller feeding amount compared to other cheap foods, but if you increase the snacks and snacks because of that, it will cause obesity.

To stay healthy and have fun, be careful not to overeat!

If you use snacks a lot for training and discipline, then ↓

・Take some of the main food from the daily amount and use it as a reward snack

・Use Acana as the main food, and use Orijen, which has a stronger palatability, as a reward (within the range of the daily feeding amount)

・Estimate the calories given by snacks and reduce the amount of main food by that much (be careful not to disturb the nutritional balance, this is not a very recommended method)

 ■ I used to give him “Acana Adult Small” but…

・ It becomes a little more expensive even though there is no extreme difference in the ingredients

・ The cost becomes cheaper (the classic series has a large bag sale that is economical, so it is cost-effective to buy a large bag if you have a lot of consumption, such as “multiple dogs or medium to large dogs”) → Pay close attention to the expiration date and storage method!

・ By deliberately making the size of the grains larger, they chew well and aim for the effect of preventing tartar accumulation

For these reasons, I am currently giving Acana classic series, which is a normal size food (Adult Small has small grains, so greedy dogs tend to swallow without chewing)

【How to use premium food cheaply by buying a large bag of economical package】

1,Buy a large bag with a lower unit price per weight (within the range that you can eat within the expiration date)

2,Put the amount you will eat in the next few weeks in a glass jar and put it in a costume box (there are natural insect repellents and dehumidifiers in the costume case)

3,The rest of the large bag is sealed tightly and stored in another costume box

And I store these containers in a cool corner of a room with air conditioning. By doing this, I can use premium dog food at a reasonable price while preventing oxidation, mold, and insect damage as much as possible (^^♪

Buy cheaply in large bags by devising storage methods★
You can eat high-quality dog food cheaply depending on your ideas!

[PS] By the way, speaking of food-related things, the “height of the food bowl” is also important.

My beloved dog sometimes had a severe choking while eating his food, but when I consulted a veterinarian, he advised me to “try adjusting the height of the food bowl to a comfortable position”, and as soon as I tried using a high food stand, the symptoms improved!

Vanticdog food bowl

 ■  By the way, I give him natural soft water as drinking water.

Improve your digestive health and boost your wellness!

In recent years, it has become clear that the intestinal environment has a very large impact on health.

This is not only true for humans, but also for our beloved dogs’ health and longevity, I think.

From this, we value our dog’s intestinal flora and stomach health very much in our home.

The stomach and intestinal health habits that we have adopted for our dog after trial and error are as follows ↓

【Yogurt for the purpose of taking probiotics!】

We rotate different types of yogurt for him to eat.

Even though they are all called yogurt, the bacteria vary in where they work best, such as the large intestine, stomach, or small intestine…

So we rotate them according to the types of bacteria that work well in each organ of his body!

Especially, we pay attention to the yogurt that is effective for the large intestine and stomach, because there are few of them (in Japan where I live).

Also, not only yogurt made from cow’s milk, but also yogurt made from fermented soy milk, we combine them to give him plant-based probiotics as well. (It is said that wild dogs used to consume not only animal-based probiotics, but also plant-based probiotics (because they ate the intestinal bacteria of herbivores along with them), so we regularly give him plant-based probiotics in our home!

◎ There are also plant-based probiotics for dogs on the market, but we use the ones that are sold for humans after trying various ones. Many of the pet products have questionable reliability and effectiveness, and more importantly, I want to give them to my dog after I eat them myself and confirm their safety (^^♪

Note, for any of the above products, no sugar or additives is essential!

 ■  Additional note: For further diversification of bacteria, I also give him about a teaspoon of rice malt (koji bacteria) and natto (natto bacteria) twice a week.

Let’s eat various kinds of beneficial bacteria and be healthy!
The intestinal environment is the key to health!!

【Super important! Feeding the intestinal bacteria】

↑ “Pino” on the day we first met

Not only probiotics that consider the intestinal bacteria, but also prebiotics that improve the intestinal environment by increasing the food for the intestinal bacteria, we apply them to our dogs’ diet!

The types of food that each bacterial group prefers vary slightly, so today I have selected two types that are easy to obtain (in Japan where I live), effective and cost-effective, and can be eaten by both dogs and humans. (I think that there is a very good synergistic effect by combining them with the various beneficial bacteria introduced above)

1,Food that butyric acid bacteria love!

Butyric acid bacteria, which have recently been attracting attention as health and longevity bacteria. What they like to eat is called “fructooligosaccharides”.

“Fructooligosaccharides” are abundantly contained in oligosaccharides refined from sugarcane♪

By increasing butyric acid bacteria with kibi oligo, you can get the following effects

・ Increase the mineral absorption rate of the large intestine!

・ Inhibit harmful bacteria

・ Produce butyric acid and support the habitat of other beneficial bacteria♪

・ Reduce the smell of fart by improving the intestinal environment

・ Relieve constipation by improving the intestinal environment

・ Boost immunity by improving the intestinal environment!

・ Improve allergies by improving the intestinal environment

・ Mental stabilizing effect by improving the intestinal environment

And so on, you can expect such effects!

There are a lot of health benefits!

Also, as for the effects of fructooligosaccharides itself… 

・ Less likely to cause tooth decay despite the sweetness

・ Low calorie despite the sweetness

・ Less likely to cause a sudden rise in blood sugar levels despite the sweetness

And so on, there are health benefits (^^♪

What I actually felt when I ate it myself was

・ It’s syrupy so it’s easy to use quickly

・ High-quality sweetness (about 70% of real honey?)

・ Simple and healthy ingredients!

・ It has a little bit of richness like brown sugar, so it might be good for sweets!

The health effects that I felt when I continued to eat it as a trial were…

My stomach condition is very good! I have a family history of weak stomach and intestines, but since I started this intestinal activity, it’s the best ever! When I feel good physically, I also feel good mentally, and as a result, I feel that my mental state is also improving in a chain reaction♪

2,Food that lactic acid bacteria love!

Next, lactic acid bacteria, which are as important as butyric acid bacteria for the intestinal environment. And the food that becomes their food is “raffinose”. And raffinose is rich in “beet oligosaccharide”.

“Beet” is a plant that looks like a radish and is called “tensai” in Japanese.

It is an oligosaccharide refined from this plant.

The health effects of taking “raffinose” as food for lactic acid bacteria are as follows

・ Suppress harmful coliform bacteria

・ Relieve constipation by improving the intestinal environment

・ Boost immunity by improving the intestinal environment!

・ Improve atopic dermatitis by improving the intestinal environment

・ Also expect effects on liver function and liver damage (currently being verified)

・ Make bifidobacteria grow explosively in the fastest way

And so on, you can expect such effects!

This one also has a lot of good effects☆彡

Also, as for the effects of beet oligosaccharide itself

・ It is hard to be broken down in the stomach, so it is hard to be absorbed as calories

・ It is hard to deteriorate even at high temperatures (140°C) for a natural product

・ Rich in dietary fiber

・ Indigestible and reaches the intestines firmly

・ Less likely to cause a sudden rise in blood sugar levels despite the sweetness

And so on, there are health benefits.

What I felt when I tried to eat it was

・ It has a very high-quality sweetness (about 60% of real honey?)

・ It’s syrupy so it’s easy to use quickly

・ The ingredients are simple and healthy!

・ It has a very smooth sweetness that doesn’t affect the taste of the food♪

As a result of eating it for a while, I feel that my stomach condition has improved a lot, just like the above-mentioned Kibi oligo!

By the way, as an impression of giving it to my dog for a while, he started to defecate smoothly at a fixed time and I feel a good

response from him(^^♪

I made a decoration for the entrance with the things I picked up at the nearby beach♪
It’s important to take beneficial bacteria, but…
Don’t forget to feed the beneficial bacteria!!

 ■  As for the amount to feed, for a 5kg dog, about 2g per day. Twice a week.

Depending on the type of beneficial bacteria supplement I gave that day…

・On the day I gave lactic acid bacteria supplement, I give “beet oligosaccharide”.

・On the day I gave butyric acid bacteria supplement, I give “Kibi oligosaccharide”.

That’s what I do(^^♪

About the living environment where your dog can live comfortably

The living environment where your dog spends his life is very important.

The structure of the house varies depending on the country. What I’m going to introduce here is the case in my country “Japan”, but I hope it will be helpful to you, so I’ve put together some ideas!

Installing a pet door was better than I expected!

“I want to create a comfortable environment for my dog who stays at home alone even in midsummer or midwinter” But if I keep the air conditioning on in the whole house all the time, the utility bills will be high (; ∀;) As an idea for such a situation, I decided to make a small room just for the dog and install an air purifier and an air conditioner that can control the temperature and humidity to create the best environment for him, and install a small pet door to allow him to freely enter and exit the other rooms.

This way, my dog can stay comfortable with just the air conditioning cost of the small room!

In case of a power outage while he is at home alone and the room temperature rises sharply, he can escape to the next room through this pet door♪

↑ He sometimes peeks through the gap and it’s cute (´▽`)

I smell food~!
Dog and Cat Door

I have achieved the best relaxing space with perfect air purification, humidity and temperature control in a small room, while also making it super energy-efficient!

Before, I used to leave the door slightly open so that my dog could go in and out, but the cold and warm air would escape and the electricity bill would be very high. But since I started using this pet door, the utility cost has decreased by more than 2/3!

When I observe the situation of my dog while I’m away with a camera, I can see that he is going back and forth between the dog-only exercise room next door that takes in outside air and the relaxing room with air conditioning (≧▽≦)

I got hot after running around in the exercise room('Д')
Come back to the relaxing room ♪

Let’s prepare an exercise room where you can feel the outside air too!

In our house, we have made the room next to the dog relaxation room that I introduced in the previous section into a dog-only exercise room.

We have removed all the furniture and made it a spacious space, and we have opened the two large windows fully so that our dog can enjoy the outside view, fresh air, wind and smell.

We have two dogs in our house, so when they play together, they run around in this exercise room, and when they get tired or hot, they move freely to the relaxation room through the dog door.

If you have a house with a large fenced yard, you might want to put a dog door on the outside door of this exercise room as well, so that they can freely go in and out of the yard and the indoor.

Let’s use the lighting that illuminates the feet

If you put a dim foot light on the route where your dog walks around at night (such as the route to the toilet and the water place), your old dog can walk around with confidence.

My dog’s daily routine♪

Our daily routine!
Healthy life with regular daily habits!!

◎ We often wake up with the sunrise in the morning.

◎ We eat three meals a day: morning, noon and evening.

◎ We exercise for about an hour to 30 minutes in the morning and evening (depending on the condition of our dog that day) and run around in the exercise room whenever we want when we are at home (^^)

◎ We go to bed around 22:00 (we nap whenever we want)

◎ When we play together, we sometimes give snacks, but in that case, we often give a small amount of human food that is good for the dog’s health, not dog snacks, after crushing it  ↓

・High-quality yogurt with no additives

・A very small amount of walnuts with no additives

・Dried small fish with no additives

・Organic banana

・A small amount of natto without seasoning


・Boiled chicken breast

・Boiled egg

・Boiled broccoli

We often give these as snacks.

(The reason why we rarely give pet snacks is that the standards for pet food are often sloppy compared to human food, and we are worried, so we give what we have eaten and found to be safe)

【Caution】 We adjust the main food according to the calorie intake of the snacks, and be careful not to make them fat.

Let’s use oriental medicine to enhance your dog’s health!

↑ “Pino”, who has been a bold character since he was a child…

When you think of herbal medicine, you may have a strong image of it as a medicine of oriental medicine that cures diseases, but among herbal medicines, there are some that are called “hozai” and are used for the purpose of improving immunity, maintaining health and enhancing vitality even in a healthy body.

In our house, we both love “hochu-ekki-to”, which is a representative type of “hozai” for our dog and owner!

There are various types of “hozai”, but among them, “hochu-ekki-to” is one of the three major supplements, and its typical effects are:

◎ Recovery of gastrointestinal function

◎ Immunity improvement

◎ Vitality enhancement ♪

It has plenty of effects that are good for old dogs, such as gastrointestinal recovery, immunity improvement and vitality enhancement!
Let’s boost our health with the power of herbal medicine, both the owner and the dog!!

■ What I felt after using “hochu-ekki-to” for a long time ↓

◎ I feel that my body movement has become lighter

◎ Seasonal rhinitis has become mild

◎ The feeling of heaviness in the stomach and intestines after eating has eased

◎ Basal body temperature rose by 0.2 degrees (it may be within the margin of error)

◎ I became less prone to catch a cold

【When giving it to your dog】

When using it for dogs, I divide it by the human body weight ratio (in our case, it is a small dog with a weight of 5kg, so I sprinkle less than 1/10 of the human amount on the food after measuring it with an electronic scale)

【Using hinoki oil】

We find hinoki oil very useful in our house.

There are some effects of hinoki oil that have high and low evidence, but ↓

・Insect repellent and mite repellent effect

・Relaxation effect (forest bathing effect)

・Refreshment effect

・Stress relief

・Antibacterial action

These are often said.

In our house, we mix “Aomori Hiba Oil”, which has a high antibacterial and insect repellent effect, with this hinoki oil and drip it on the corners and entrances where mites are likely to breed, under the sofa and mattress. (The reason why we mix and use two types of oil is that hinoki oil has a particularly good scent and a high relaxation effect, so we aim for the forest bathing effect, and “Aomori Hiba Oil” has a particularly high insect repellent and antibacterial effect, so we aim for natural insect repellent and antibacterial.)

Since I started using this method, I have been able to relax and spend my time in good health. I feel that the invasion of insects has also decreased, and dogs have a sense of smell that is several times more developed than humans. Essential oils extracted from nature would be more comfortable than chemically synthesized scents. Our dogs also seem to be spending their time comfortably (_♪ I have a drug allergy and cannot use chemically synthesized insecticides or fragrances, but this method allows me to use them healthily and safely. I find it very useful!

Aomori Hiba
Hinoki Oil

Make your dog and yourself happy with gardening☆

I think there are many places where the yard is large and the dog is playing in the yard depending on the country, but they will be happy if you make a shade for the dog to rest. If you are going to plant a tree anyway, why not plant a fruit tree that will lead to your own and your dog’s health improvement? In our house, we have chosen and planted fruit trees that are easy to grow, edible for both dogs and humans, and good for health ♪ The tree species are “acerola”, “mulberry” and so on. The tree species that are easy to grow may vary depending on the region, but you may want to look for them with the following conditions (´▽`)

・The leaves spread nicely sideways and create a shade

・It doesn’t grow too tall and is easy to manage

・It produces nutritious and healthy fruits

・It is easy to grow and suits the climate of your residence

Furthermore, if it is a tree species that absorbs organic fertilizer well and produces fruits with abundant nutrition and growth, you can make a place to bury the leftovers from the meal under the tree and make your own organic fertilizer, and you can use the kitchen waste as fertilizer!

In our house, we make a fermentation accelerator by mixing natto, yogurt, etc. to make organic fertilizer from kitchen waste quickly, and sprinkle a little bit of it every time we bury kitchen waste (it smells less and makes good fertilizer)

What is bad for the environment as “garbage” if you throw it away becomes the “source of delicious fruits” if you make it into fertilizer!
Gardening itself also enriches your heart with the interaction with nature ♪
Fermentation accelerator made by myself ↑
Compost Starter

With homemade kitchen waste fertilizer, they grew up healthy and became a plant tunnel of passion fruit and mulberry! (In summer, we can harvest passion fruit and mulberry almost every day ↓)

In addition, we have planted healthy herbs such as “holy basil” and “rosemary” under the trees and use them for cooking and our dog’s health!

“Holy basil” is said to be the most sacred herb in India.

Since we planted “holy basil”, many “blue bees” that are said to bring luck to the flower bed have come!

I don’t believe in superstitions, but I feel a little happy (≧▽≦) ↓ 

(This is a homemade herb pizza ↓)

Let’s make the most of the microwave and the freezer!

【Homemade dog food in the microwave】

Sometimes, I give them homemade dog food for a change of pace.

It’s cheap and easy to cook, nutritious and delicious! I’ll introduce you to such a convenient recipe!(^^)!


【Fish and meat】1-2 types

【Vegetables】2-4 types

【Topping】2-4 types

I use them in combination according to the effect that suits the condition of my dog that day!

【Fish and meat】

・ Chicken breast (cost-effective, gentle on the stomach and intestines, has fatigue recovery effect)

・ Pork thigh meat (cheap part among pork, low fat high protein, rich in vitamins)

・ Salmon (a bit expensive, so for special days! Vitamin A is good for the eyes, rich in astaxanthin pigment in the flesh → antioxidant, anticancer effect)

・ Sardine (low risk of mercury among blue fish, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, arthritis, cancer, dermatitis, arthritis effects of DHA, EPA)


・ Sweet potatoes (they love them because they are sweet, and they improve the intestinal environment with dietary fiber)

・ Cabbage (great value for money, good for the stomach lining, rich in vitamin C)

・ Pumpkin (they love it because it is sweet, rich in beta-carotene and vitamin E)

・ Broccoli (detoxifying effect, antioxidant effect, constipation improvement)

・ Cucumber (strengthens bones with vitamin K, crunchy texture is fun)


・ Plain natto [1 teaspoon] (rich in nattokinase and polyphenols, with many health benefits!)

・ Plain yogurt without seasoning or additives [1 teaspoon] (improves intestinal environment and immunity)

・ Banana [1 cm slice] (rich in oligosaccharides, which feed the good bacteria and support the health effects of fermented foods)

・ Perilla oil [1/3 teaspoon] (relieves allergies and prevents dementia)

・ Walnuts [1-3 pieces] (rich in omega-3 and antioxidants)

・ Blueberries (rich in anthocyanins, good for eye health)

They are healthy and delicious ingredients, aren’t they?♪
The recipe is very easy too!


The method is super easy!

1,Choose the ingredients from the list above according to your dog’s condition that day
[Fish and meat] 1-2 types

[Vegetables] 2-4 types

2,Cut them into small pieces and put them in a large heat-resistant glass container and microwave.
(The time depends on the amount of ingredients, but it’s about 5-7 minutes at 700W)

(If you add about 100cc of water, it will prevent burning and make it soup-like!)

How it looks after heating in the microwave ↓

3,Take it out and let it cool down, then add [Toppings] 2-4 types and it’s done!
Super easy in three steps♪

◎ This time, I used broccoli and pork as the main ingredients to blow away the summer heat

Crunchy fresh cucumber, healthy nuts “walnuts” and

Sweet banana, topped with yogurt and natto that are good for the intestinal environment!

And sprinkle perilla oil to finish!!

The reason I use heat-resistant glass is because there is a possibility that harmful substances may

I recommend using a high-reliability heat-resistant glass container that is microwave-safe and has a lid for easy storage and cooking.

heat resistant glass container microwave safe

Dry food may be enough for the basic diet, but once in a while, homemade

food with lots of love will make your dog very happy!

Yes, it’s nice to have homemade food once in a while♪

“Perilla oil” is said to be very good for human health too, so I take one teaspoon every day myself.

Let’s make use of the freezer!

I’ll introduce you to a way to use the freezer to make toppings for increasing appetite! The method is easy! Just mix the following ingredients in a blender and freeze them in an ice tray♪

・ Eggs 2

・ Plant-based lactic acid drink (preferably additive-free) 12 ml

・ Natto (plain) 15 grains

・ Yogurt 14 g (plain)

・Fish powder (edible, additive-free)

・ Natural water (120 ml)

↑ If your dog has no appetite, you can thaw one of these and sprinkle it on the dog food to boost his appetite (≧▽≦)


You can use high-quality medicine cheaply with some tricks

You can also save money on expensive medicine costs with some ingenuity!
Ideas are important for everything, aren’t they?☆彡

I think some dogs have chronic diseases or are taking preventive medicine, but animal medicine can be expensive and put a lot of burden on the owners, but it is possible to use high-quality medicine cheaply depending on the idea!

The method I practice at home is to use a refrigerator, freezer, and pill cutter.

I have two dogs weighing 5 kg each. When I buy heartworm preventive medicine for my dogs, I buy the one for 10 kg. Then I cut it in half with a pill cutter and give it to them. Dog medicine is often much cheaper to split a double-sized one than to buy a lot of small dog medicine!

Also, you may be able to buy a large amount of powdered medicine that can be stored in the freezer or refrigerator, weigh it with an electronic scale, seal it in plastic wrap and freeze it.

However, the expiration date and deterioration issues are serious, so please ask your veterinarian and do it at your own risk (;ω)

pill cutter

A secret trick to use high-quality human health supplements for dogs(^^)

1, "Kyoumyasarin".

◎ A butyric acid (lactate) bacteria supplement with a unique characteristic of being resistant to antibiotics.

It worked wonders for improving the intestinal environment during antibiotic administration (depending on the case

◎ It has been suggested that it may be useful for anti-depression, cancer prevention, allergy, and immunity enhancement.

◎ Many of the intestinal bacteria tablets prescribed at the hospital seem to contain butyric acid bacteria (maybe because they are more effective?)

◎ I think it is one of the most effective and easy-to-see supplements among the beneficial bacteria supplements.

I think that means it is a very strong strain of bacteria.

It comes in handy when both dogs and owners have very poor intestinal environments!

◎ It produces butyric acid, which lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria cannot produce.

What is butyric acid? ↓ 

・ Inhibition of harmful bacteria

・ Increase in mineral absorption rate

・ I feel that the intestinal regulation effect is clearly stronger than that of lactic acid bacteria intestinal regulator (as my personal opinion)

◎ It’s a human supplement, so it’s safe (human grade inspection standards)

◎ The cost performance is amazing!

◎ I give it to them once a day: 1 tablet when they are on antibiotic treatment or have a stomach upset, or regularly twice a week

(for small dogs weighing 5 kg)

It’s best to split it in half with a pill cutter and give them half after breakfast and half after dinner!

I don’t see “Kyoumyasarin” in online shopping outside of Japan, but you may be able to give them about 1/10 of the amount of a similar human intestinal supplement with butyric acid bacteria after consulting your veterinarian.
↑ Tropical fruit tree "Lembu" The texture is so good!

2,“Kyouryoku Wakamoto”
◎ A supplement with a unique characteristic of producing digestive enzymes (ideal for dogs with weak stomachs?)

◎ Streptococcus faecalis bacteria (enhances immunity and regulates intestinal activity)

◎ Contains brewer’s yeast (rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids)

◎ Compared to the above “Kyoumyasarin”, the intestinal regulation effect is mild and gradual.

◎ It also has a nutritional enhancement effect, so it’s a two-in-one!

◎ It has more of a supplementary food aspect, so it’s suitable for daily use (especially

as a digestive aid supplement for every meal for senior dogs)

◎ It’s a human supplement, so it’s safe (human grade inspection standards)

◎ The cost performance is unbelievably good!!

◎ They eat it directly, maybe because they like the taste (;ω)

◎ I give them 3 tablets a day, considering the weight ratio of humans and dogs.

I give them one tablet after each meal in the morning, noon, and evening. (Unlike “Kyoumyasarin”,


・When substituting human supplements for dogs, I recommend checking with your veterinarian just in case.

・The cost performance is good, but the consumption speed is slow (because the usage amount is 1/10 of humans), so

be careful with the storage method!

I buy it in a large jar at a bargain price, and transfer the amount I use soon to a small bottle and store it in the refrigerator.

The rest of the excess is stored in a cool room with air conditioning, in a wardrobe box with a dehumidifier.

I don’t see “Kyouryoku Wakamoto” in online shopping outside of Japan, but you may be able to give them about 1/10 of the amount of a similar human intestinal supplement with brewer’s yeast and lactic acid bacteria after consulting your veterinarian.

 3. Water-soluble Agaricus

There seem to be Agaricus supplements for dogs, but I think the quality of the ones for humans is much higher. And they are water-soluble, so they have good absorption efficiency♪

Some of the benefits of Agaricus are:

・ Cancer prevention

・ Anti-viral effect

・ Anti-inflammatory and others

・ Reducing allergy symptoms

and so on.

Super Royal Agaricus

★ There are dog versions of these supplements: “Agaricus supplement”, “Beer yeast and lactic acid bacteria supplement”, and “Butyric acid bacteria supplement”. But I feel that the quality standards for human versions are higher than for dog versions. And yet, if you substitute with human versions, the price is 1/4 to 1/20 and super cheap!

High quality but ridiculously cheap!!

P.S. :  It’s not a supplement, but I recently give him organic perilla oil in an antioxidant bottle, sometimes about a quarter of a teaspoon.

(I give him fish-derived omega-3 in his food, so I’m aiming for the health benefits of plant-derived omega-3: diversification of oil quality)

Recommended books

Lately, I’m hooked on the books by the famous dog trainer Cesar Millan.

My recommendation is

“Cesar Millan’s Short Guide to a Happy Dog: 98 Essential Tips and Techniques”
This is a book written by the world-class dog trainer Cesar Millan, and it makes you think about how the owner should be rather than how to train the dog.

He is indeed a world-class dog trainer!

This is not a typical book of superficial training tips, but a book that helps you understand dogs more deeply and think about the root causes of their problem behaviors.

I have lived with dogs for a long time and I agree with many points in this book. I also felt that it was a masterpiece full of useful knowledge. The author, Cesar Millan, has some unique opinions that seem to divide dog lovers, but I think it’s also fun to read and think for yourself about those parts.

Personally, I was very convinced by the idea that “dogs communicate with energy”.

Cesar Millan's Short Guide to a Happy Dog: 98 Essential Tips and Techniques

Other additional notes

◎ I wrote that I only give him homemade food, Acana dog food or natural ingredients, but sometimes I give him Greenies. Greenies have a nutritional balance similar to the main food and relatively safe ingredients. I trust the manufacturer, so I really give him only occasionally as a treat for dental care.

◎ When I give him human food that is hard for dogs to digest, such as walnuts or bananas, I chew it for him before giving it. I think this helps him digest not only by making it smaller, but also by using the digestive enzymes in human saliva.

◎ I have been experimenting with various things about bathing, but currently I only use organic shampoo (no conditioner) and wash his hair once a month.

◎ I adjust the air conditioner temperature so that it is not too different from the outside air. I feel that a sudden temperature change when walking is not good for the body (reference: I set it at 28-26 degrees in summer and 25 degrees in winter).

◎ I have several routes for walking that are rich in nature, and I rotate them so that he doesn’t get bored.

◎ I use a short leash so that I can stop him quickly if he tries to pick up something strange.

◎ For brushing his teeth, I feel that a human electric toothbrush is the most efficient way to do it (but don’t force him if he hates it, as many dogs do).

↑ This is my parrot “Poppo” and my dog “Pino”.

◎ When I researched about long-lived dogs around the world, I also found that they have a lot of contact with other animals. We also live with a parrot, so maybe the presence of other animals contributes to the secret of longevity…

Many of the world’s longest-living dogs live with parrots.!?

 ■  I have written many other articles related to dogs. They are in Japanese, but I would be happy if you could read them using Google Translate or something like that (≧▽≦) ↓


◎ I also try to take them with me wherever I go as much as possible. I often go to the beach for fun, but my dogs are not good at water, so I bought a pedal kayak! I modified it and attached a small engine, so I can sail with the engine when I get tired of pedaling!

A small engine at the back and a pedal unit in the center

On calm days, the coral reefs on the seabed look beautiful from the boat and the kayak looks like it’s floating in the air (≧▽≦) ↓

The part that is moving at the bottom of the photo is the hull of the kayak

I can carry it anywhere with a small bike (≧▽≦) ↓

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