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My dog "Pino"

【I live a relaxing life with my beloved dog on a small island at the southernmost tip of the frontier.♪】

I have always been very shy and preferred to spend time by myself since I was a child.

I lacked confidence in myself, but I was serious and diligent, so I studied hard during my school days. However, my grades were at the bottom. 

I was not the typical “bad student who skipped classes and had poor grades” or “someone who had some complicated circumstances and did poorly in school”. I was not someone who could have done well if I had tried, but didn’t. I studied very hard, but my results were always near the bottom of my 40-student class… In other words, I was hopelessly stupid…(;´Д`) 

I am very bad at communicating with people, so I spent most of my time alone in a corner of the classroom from kindergarten to high school graduation. During that time, I endured hard bullying. (This experience helped me to think “this is heaven compared to that time” no matter how difficult it was in my later life. I am sincerely grateful to the people who bullied me, not ironically.)

After graduating from high school, I worked for a company that had a very hard working environment. (Sometimes I had to work for more than 29 hours straight. For example, after an 8-hour regular shift, I had to do 21 hours of overtime on a day off.)

In the scorching factory, I had to endlessly repeat the tasks of measuring, mixing and transferring food ingredients. (Although there were machines to assist, the ingredients weighed nearly 500 kg, so it was super heavy work.) I was so exhausted that I would sleep for 3 minutes while standing between the giant mixer and the wall during the brief time I was mixing. I did this to avoid collapsing from overwork. 

I know I am not smart, so I decided to work hard while I am young and strong, push myself to the limit, save and invest wisely, then change jobs.

I kept changing jobs, but the only simple labor I could find as a low-skilled person was in harsh workplaces. I realized that if I continued like this, I would soon reach my physical and mental limits. So I made a big decision. 

I decided to work in a completely different place and a completely different field, and to live with a completely different lifestyle and mindset! In other words, I wanted to change everything about my miserable life so far!

Of course, the chances of success are almost zero!


  • I have the lowest specs
  • My communication skills are zero or negative
  • I was almost out of mental strength
  • My body was in bad shape
  • I had almost no knowledge
  • I only had the lowest level of education
  • My work history was only simple labor and part-time jobs

In such a state, I decided to move to a completely new environment and live with a completely different lifestyle!!( ;∀;) 

To achieve that, I started to find time to read books by successful people, business books that seemed useful, and even books on psychology and philosophy

I was serious about it, but there were many things that were too difficult for me, and I couldn’t understand even 1% of them with my own brain, no joke

But I thought, if I could learn from the way of thinking of successful people who have more than 100 billion yen in assets, and if I could show even 0.1% of their productivity, it would be enough to achieve my modest dream! (0.1% of 100 billion is 100 million, a millionaire!) If I’m also a human being, I think I have some ability of successful people, even if it’s only 1/1000 of theirs! So I interpreted their books in my own way and gradually improved my habits 

To prove how far a person with the lowest specs in everything can go

At the end of my 20s, I escaped from the harsh work environment and moved to a remote southern island, where I challenged myself with my own lifestyle! This period was a turning point for me, and my life gradually entered a positive cycle 

I’m looking forward to spending some leisure time on the sea near my neighborhood (with my beloved dog on my shoulder)(^^♪

Now I have obtained a life that is beyond what I once dreamed of, and even beyond what I ever imagined!! 

  • I live on a southern island where it is warm in winter and cool in summer
  • I live with my beloved dog, bird, and fish
  • I enjoy gardening in my spacious yard
  • I enjoy a peaceful and healthy slow life
  • I live in a detached house that is moderately distant from the next house (perfect for me who is shy)
  • I have achieved stable asset formation
  • I enjoy living alone with zero stress

Currently, I introduce on this blog the way of thinking and ideas that helped me turn my miserable life around. I also write about the books that I found helpful, and the things that helped me establish my current supreme single life. In addition, I share information about my daily life, hobbies, dogs, investments, and items that I find interesting♪ 

 【Recommended for people like this! ↓.】

  • For those who have low abilities in everything like me, and who want to somehow turn their life around that never goes well no matter what they do
  • For those who are tired of human relationships, and who want to start a stress-free slow life in the countryside while forming stable assets even with low income
  • For those who like dogs, birds, ornamental fish, and nature
  • For those who are shy and mentally unstable

We hope this blog will be of some help to you!(´▽`)
I will continue to share information while pursuing the best relaxed solo living in the rich environment surrounded by the great nature of Japan. Please come and visit me often! (^^)!

I would appreciate it if you could spread the word on Twitter or SNS if you feel any sympathy for what I share! I’m not good at writing, but I want to keep introducing ideas and know-how that can help people like me get closer to a free, rich and stress-free life (^^) Also, I’m a super dog lover, so I want to share information that can make my dogs happy (^^♪

◎ Most of my articles are written in Japanese, but I would be happy if you could use Google Translate and read them when you have time ◎

I also post on YouTube, Twitter and Post Prime at my own pace! I don’t update very often, but please check them out when you feel like it (^^♪ 

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